Monday, January 3, 2011

If Countries Were People

 The Anglos are family, we love Canada, the older sister, modest, polite straight A grades, the go to gal when we fuck up. The US is the only boy, loud, pushy,who's the favorite only because he is the boy, cluelessly blundering through life secure in his entitlement. Australia is the acting out baby sister, smoking cigarettes with her bunch of slutty friends that ignore the US except when they want to piss her off.  New Zealand is the invisible middle child, the wallflower who everyone identifies only as Australia's sister. Good old mom, England, we love her we really do but we hate to visit because her house is full of antique furniture we have to stay off. Lovable Ireland Dad, he was fun when he was sober and around, we understand why mom divorced him but it's been forever, why can't they bury the hatchet.


  1. Amazing S. I love it!!! :)

  2. So then what are Wales, Scotland, and France? (We'll ignore the rest for now.)

  3. France isn't Anglo, but she'd definitely be England's sister, officially single and respectable but dark secrets are whispered about her doings when she's "away on business". My Aunt Florence was like that. Sometimes her rather scandalous sense of humor would earn her "that look" from my grandmother. The kid's adored her for her lavish gifts and that she'd never, ever rat you out. No real secretary had that much money or lingerie.

  4. America would be the self proclaimed "Hero" who no one believes. England would be a large eyebrowed gay man who secretly harbors feelings for America, and France would be the pervert who likes girls AND boys. :D
    And Canada would be...

  5. I use this picture as my avatar on Tumblr.

    Also, check out Hetalia, a form of slash-fic [M/M love stories erotica]based on anime series. & Stories feature countries as people, who carry on, flirt, get raped, and lie sobbing on a filthy mattress illuminated by a single hanging lightbulb. I got carried away there.