Thursday, January 20, 2011

Not so fast there...

I recently saw this posted as an example of how not to lock things up
Grotesquely unfair, the ring on the inside doorknob is pure genius. It's probably stronger and faster to use than the little slidebar and chain that are commercially available. Plus no drilled holes or other scars on the door. It is easy to imagine a commercial version, modify the ring slightly to cam lock onto the door. Two of them chained together would work instantly on double doors.

Monday, January 3, 2011

If Countries Were People

 The Anglos are family, we love Canada, the older sister, modest, polite straight A grades, the go to gal when we fuck up. The US is the only boy, loud, pushy,who's the favorite only because he is the boy, cluelessly blundering through life secure in his entitlement. Australia is the acting out baby sister, smoking cigarettes with her bunch of slutty friends that ignore the US except when they want to piss her off.  New Zealand is the invisible middle child, the wallflower who everyone identifies only as Australia's sister. Good old mom, England, we love her we really do but we hate to visit because her house is full of antique furniture we have to stay off. Lovable Ireland Dad, he was fun when he was sober and around, we understand why mom divorced him but it's been forever, why can't they bury the hatchet.